The Company

Pure Power is a manufacturer and distributor of filters for air, lube and fuel applications with its brand name
The company also specializes in engineering filters to meet your needs. In its portfolio it has more than 500 types of filters designed and produced to best serve all types of engines with internal burning. With many years of industry experience, Pure Power prides itself on superior quality manufacturing and outstanding customer service. Our experience and know-how speaks for themselves. Founded by Adil Bajraktari, Pure Power is a leader in the manufacture of filters and filter systems in Kosovo for the automobile and construction industry. The Pure Power product line covers a wide range of applications from filter inserts for lube, air, fuel and cabin air filtration systems to extensive multifunction modules for all types of engines. The company’s filtration know-how are also in demand for industrial and environmental engineering applications. The recipe for Pure Power success includes fast-paced innovation and close cooperation between Development and Production. Its depth of manufacture means that it can perform a wide range of manufacturing activities internally. Moreover, the advantages of a family-owned, medium-size company should not be discounted: A fast decision-making process, continuity in corporate policy and the ability to react particularly quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions.